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Laminated chipboard LAMARTY in the decor "Black ", plywood Syply in the project "Dachny Answer" on the NTV channel

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At the suggestion of the light hand of designer Anna Razumeeva-Smirnova, the space of the former pool was turned into a cozy kitchen-living room, in which wood and ceramic tiles were mixed, monkeys were placed, and one of the important roles entrusted to oranges.

An excellent result is guaranteed only if all stages of the renovation are performed correctly - from planning to implementation
An important component of a beautiful and functional interior design is the quality of the base, which is sometimes hidden from the views of an enthusiastic public.In this project, the products of the Syktyvkar Plywood Mill have thus become a reliable basis

The obsolete seascapes of the previous interior were hidden behind the frame of the wallsIn those places where the author of the project provided for a wooden finish, high-quality SyPly birch plywood

The renovated kitchen has elegantly entered the fairway of the alteration.To prevent the headset from dominating the interior, its elements were placed as ergonomically as possible - in two parallel linesModule cases are made of laminated chipboard Lamarty elegant black The island is equipped with boxes of different depths in which our heroes can store utensils and appliancesFor ease of use, the drawers are fully extended and equipped with door closersHinged doors made of olive-colored MDF

Project author: Anna Razumeeva-Smirnova
A full description and video of the broadcast of this snow-white interior, you can, as always, on the official website of the TV show "Dachny Answer" Ether from 18/06/2021

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