Lamarty concept

LAMARTY – product of a modern manufacturer

  • Syktyvkar Plywood Mill is one of the largest manufacturers of plywood and chipboard. The mill became one of the world market leaders thanks to efficient management, flexibility to market needs, use of modern foreign equipment and the latest technology of wood processing. By means of regular equipment modernization the mill has been developing its production capacity. So far, our manufacturing facilities run up to more than 215 thousand cubic meters of plywood, and more than 316 thousand cubic meters of chipboard.
  • SPM has a long-time history and a respective experience. Modern plywood production working under SyPly‘s trademark has a strong market reputation among foreign consumers. 70 % of the produced plywood is exported.
  • Modern lamination shops are equipped with up-to-date technologies and are fully automated.

LAMARTY – modern production management:

  • Only certified materials and components of well-known European manufactures are used in laminated chipboard production.
  • Modern approach to the production process implies qualified control and monitoring at each stage: from raw materials and composing to warehousing and shipment of ready-made goods .
  • Technological and equipment modernization contributes to the production development which allows to create a greater variety of products through the use of new materials.
  • The key principles of our mill are to secure ecological standards and to meet the needs of our partners and customers. Relationships with customers and suppliers are based on mutual confidence and benefits for both sides.
  • Considering needs of our partners and advantages of end users, the mill constantly enhances range and quality of the laminated chipboard.

LAMARTY – factors of stable quality:

  • Maintenance of control at all stages (from raw materials to shipment)
  • Optimal ratio of birch and softwood
  • Absence of bark in chipboard and use of sound wood
  • High density and hardness of exterior layers
  • The sanding quality is 1.5 times better than the requirements of GOST (State Standard) on roughness and absence of “waves”
  • Correspondence to stated specifications
  • Variety of decors, high quality of surface structure and lamination
  • Green passport
  • Partners’ reliability

LAMARTY – high-tech production:

  • Permanence of the chipboard's layered structure.
  • The highest possible degree of manufacturing automation excludes human factor providing consistency of produce.
  • The highest possible degree of manufacturing automation excludes human factor providing consistency of produce.
  • Final product packaging is made of insulating materials which guarantee maximum goods safety during storage and transportation.
  • The double-quality control at the lamination production line provides an extra chipboard checking .

LAMARTY is a brand that reflects all the properties of our product, our corporate vision, business strategy and principles of customer service.

LAMARTY - aesthetically beautiful brand associated with the Italian Renaissance, the era of outstanding craftsmen and artisans. The sound of this name resembles the art. The art of lamination.

Today LAMARTY is not only about the functional advantages of the material, but also about the style in a broad sense. About the style of production, management and marketing. This style involves respect for partners, care about customers and knowledge of the market. This is the style of the 21st century. The quality and style. The quality that is on the level of art.

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