(8212) 29-37-00

(8212) 29-37-00


SyPly Lamarty

30 10 2018 

Экспертное заключение на гигиеническую безопасность ЛДСП влагостойкие типа Р5

The samples № 14212/1-2 in the volume of tests RESPONDS to the State sanitary-epidimiological rules and standards.

Sanitary-epidemiological report from the 1st of July 2010.abrogated. The experts' reports are given for the portion of the consignment line with the goal to inform the customers about the consistency of hazardous substances, the order of lab tests and don't have the validity. The inner control of the quality of the production that is held by the certified lab ''SPM'' ltd. and guaranteed in accordance with each portion of consignments with the requirements of TR and All-Union State Standard.

  1. Экспертное заключение на гигиентическую безопасность на ЛДСП типа Р5